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Education and position

2021-curr.   Group Leader at INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), Paris, France. U1284 SEED (Systems Engineering and Evolution Dynamics), IAME (Infection Antimicrobials Modelling Evolution)

2018-2020   Post-doc at the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Rehovot, Israel. Department of Molecular Genetics. Rotem Sorek’s lab.

2014- 2017  PhD in Microbiology at the Pasteur Institute, Paris, France Microbial Evolutionary Genomics and Synthetic Biology labs. Supervisors: Eduardo Rocha and David Bikard. 

2012- 2013 Master Degree, « Interdisciplinary Approaches to life sciences Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI) (University of Paris)

2007-2012 Undergrad education
Engineering degree from AgroParisTech: Paris Institute for life and environmental sciences
Classe Préparatoire BCPST, Lycée Henri IV

Scientific Prizes

Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award, American Society of Genetics and Gruber Foundation, (2021)
Jacques Monod Prize, Fondation Jacques Monod (2020)
Prize for outstanding achievements during post-doctoral research
Weizmann Institute of Science (2020)
Bettencourt Schuller Prize for Young Researchers (2018)
100, 300 talents 2016, 2017 L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science
Poster prize CRISPR Conference 2016.
Grand Prize iGEM  (Competition of synthetic biology)Winning project among 210 international teams.

Fellowships and grants

ERC Starting Grant, European Research Council (2021)
ATIP-Avenir Laureate, INSERM and CNRS group leader program (2021)
ANR JCJC, French Nation Research Agency (2021)
EMBO Post doctoral long term fellowship (2018)
Weizmann Institute of Science’s Dean of Faculty’s fellowship (2018)
Israel Academy of Sciences, post-doctoral fellowship(2018)

Selected oral communications:

Systematic and quantitative view of the anti-viral arsenal of prokaryotes (2021)
– Evergreen conference, USA (Selected Talk)
– Keynote speaker, PHAGES Network, Roscoff, France
– Viruses of Microbes webinar , online (Invited Speaker)
Conservation of anti-viral immunity in prokaryotes and eukaryotes
– MicroSeminar 2020 (available online seminar) : youtu.be/MmQ5lrWV9yA.
– Seminar at the Center of Research and Interdisciplinarity, Paris, France
– Neptune Seminar Series CIIMAR, Porto, Portugal
– Seminaris IBB (Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina), Barcelone, Spain
– Seminar at the John Ines Center, Norwich, England
– Seminar at UCL Department of Infection, London, Uk
– Seminar at St Andrews University, Scotland
– Invited Speaker VEGA Conference, JGI, USA
– Keynote speaker, PPU program at the Pasteur Institute, France
A novel gene family providing chemical defense against phages (2019)
– New Concepts and Approaches in Microbiology, Heidelberg Germany, 2019 (Selected Talk)
– CRISPR 2019 : Quebec, Canada, 2019 (Selected Talk)
CRISPR-Cas systems interactions with DNA repair pathways shape CRISPR-Cas systems distribution among bacterial genomes (2017)
– FEMS 2017 : European Society of Microbiology Valencia, Spain(Selected Talk)
– SFM 2017: French Society of Microbiology, Paris, France (Invited speaker)
– ALPHY 2017 : Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics, Lyon, France, (Selected Talk)
Why so rare if so great: the determinants of the sparse distribution of CRISPR-Cas systems in bacterial genomes ?
Journée Claude Bernard, French Society of Biology, French Academy of Medecine, Paris, France (Invited Speaker)

Teaching and mentoring

– Coordination and teaching of the module of bacterial genetics for IMVI Master 2 and Master of genetic (University of Paris, 2020, 2021)
– The immune systems of bacteria Master 2, Microbiology Lecture (Cours Pasteur, 2021)
Teaching Assistant Science-Po Paris : Development of a class entitled ‘Disruptive technologies and public policies’ for Master 2 of the School of Public Affairs. 2h/week for 12 weeks. Created in 2016, renewed in 2017.
« Quantitative evaluation of public policies for gender equality » in the Master PAPDD (Public policies and adminsitration Management for Sustainable Devlopment).(3hours: 2015, 2016, 2017)
« Introduction to synthetic biology» Master 1 of cellular biology, Medical Faculty of Paris-Bichat. (2 hours, 2017)

Science and Society work

Selected associative work

Co-author with F. Vincent of the book “L’intelligence artificielle pas sans elles”, Belin edition, 2019. Loose title translation : Artificial Intelligence, not without her. Book for the general public on algorithms biais and more generally on links between sex/gender and artificial intelligence. The book was accompanied by development of an exhibition, a comic book  and a series of conferences on AI sexist bias (Description of the full campaign here). Book was reprinted 3 times in a few months and sold in several thousands of copies. This led to the creation of a pact promoted by the french NGO « Laboratoire de l’égalité » to implement equality in AI signed by major stakeholders.
Co-Founder and Co-President of WAX Science: WAX Science is an NGO that promotes science without stereotypes and gender balance in science by creating and spreading innovating tools (co-presidency 2013-2016). It was founded in 2013 and during the co-presidency rose to 40 active volunteers, 6 full time interns, 50k€ budget, tens of projects, and more than 10 000 people reached by the activities of the association.
Co-Founder and Co-President of ItCounts: an open source, citizen science crowd-sourcing application to promote gender balance. http://itcounts-app.org/.
Member of the Club “Science Publique” on France Culture : Debate for one hour every 2 months on national radio channel France culture about general scientific subjects with scientific personalities (2013-2015)

Selected media

Speaking on national radios and TV: France Inter (Les Savantes, la TAC), France Culture (Science Publique), Europe 1 (30 glorieuses) and France Info (L’instant T)
Portraits and articles about WAX SciencesCheek Magazine, ELLE, Le Figaro, Studyrama, L’Etudiant, Mademoizelle, Le Monde, Marie Claire
Articles about the book « l’intelligence artificielle pas sans elles » : (Le Monde, Les Echos, Challenge, L’Opinion, Liberation, Uzbek et Rica, France Inter, France Info, …).

Selected talks and writings

L’Echappée Volée : General public conference (TED-like, 1200 people) on stereotypes in science (vidéo), the text of the talk was published in the book « Demain, territoire de tous les possibles “under the direction of Michel Levy-Provencal, Larousse.

General public conferences towards:
youth (Youth We Can, La Riposte…)
start-up (Osons la France, Hello Tomorrow…)
gender equality (Women Forum, Forum de la mixité…).
art and sciences (Gaieté lyrique, Festival Numok, Lieu Unique…)

Talks and workshops for institutionnal organizations, NGOs companies : More than 40 talks for companies (RATP, BNP Parisbas, Altran…), NGOs (Animafac, Open Knowledge Foundation, Network of women administrators…), institutional organizations (French Academy of Medecine, Council of Europe…)

Writings for different specialized journals (with F. Vincent)
Revue de la Ligue des droits de l’homme: La diversité, outil de questionnement scientifique
Diplomées: Cultures numériques, la norme mâle.

Selected prizes

European Gender Summit Laureate with the video ‘Science It’s Your Thing’ (2012, more than 50 000 views )
Awards for Digital Educative Technology (Ministry of Education and Research, 2013).
Innovative Project of the Year (AIV, 2013, 25k€).
“Disruptive Activism” Prize  of Hackathon Women Innovation by Orange ; Build up program by Google for 6mths
AFNIC Foundation laureate for Digital Solidarity. (2016, 30k€)

Public policies

2013- curr  French civil servant: Engineer of the « Corps of Bridges, Waters and Forests.  Technical Grand Corps of the French State. Resource for informed public policies for the Ministry of Agriculture

2013-2014 Post Master Degree: Management of public policies Pont ParisTech –AgroParisTech.

2014 Consulting mission for theFrench Ministry of Women Rights Mission at the interface of research and public policies on gender equality. Supervisor: Y. L’Horty (4 months).

2011 French Embassy in The US, Economic Department, Agricultural Affairs, Washington DC. Political and economic analysis of U.S. agricultural and food policies (6 months).

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